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Bridging the Cultures
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Every human tends to help some one, who is in need. We do this in our day-to-day life. And what you do for the underprivileged with a commitment of service and concern of love that is great contribution to society. It is a drop to ocean of peace and harmony. And this contribution in other culture where there is a need and your services are anticipated is a joyful occasion. There by understanding a different culture and respecting is knowing the world. If you want to be an International volunteer, then you are Cultural ambassador of your country and contributing towards world peace.

I C A is

A Non- Government Organization ( NGO) registered under Indian Trust Act, non profit, autonomous, self reliant organization with commitment for global peace and intercultural exchange.

An international voluntary service program welcoming all nationalities irrespective of religions, races and ethnic groups with the commitment to break through cultural barriers.

A network of organizations all over the world.

A program to gain intercultural understanding through International volunteer work with the commitment to peace and justice

An educational experience coordinated by dedicated co-workers, who provide the participants with the necessary orientation, training and support.

Aims and Objectives.
International Cultural Alliance is started to provide a platform to international volunteers, contribute to Indian community and explore Indian culture.
• To be peace messenger by exchanging youth from different countries.
• To provide an opportunity to explore and understand Indian culture.
• To contribute towards the Indian community development.
• To identify partners for cultural ambassadors.
• To promote volunteer activities for young and elderly people in their spare time and holidays.
• To promote community development and encourage participation of community members in activities for their own benefit;
• To create opportunities to exchange experiences between youth from different parts of the country and the rest of the world;
• To promote international understanding and cooperation through voluntary services;
• To enable young people to encounter and understand different cultures;
• To encourage the concept of voluntary services as a force in search for peace equality, democracy and international understanding

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